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The Phone Call

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Suddenly the window slammed shut. Eerie sounds came from every room echoing through the walls. Then suddenly the phone rang. Sylvia, who was all alone, slowly went to pick up the phone. An unfamiliar and creepy voice answered asking where her parents were. Sylvia actually had no idea where her parents were. She just woke up an hour ago, finding herself all alone in this gigantic mansion where her family just moved in. Her hand was trembling and she started to panic while the person on the phone was breathing loudly. She finally decided to tell the person that she didn’t know where they were, since she really didn’t know where they were.

Then all of a sudden the door slammed open and she heard someone walked in coming towards the room where she was in. Sylvia put the phone down and ran to another room hoping to find somewhere to hide. But it was too late. Something or someone was already in the room where she was and there was nowhere to hide. It seemed that her breathed was sucked out of her lungs for she was so terrified and it was hard to breathe. Someone walked towards her and talked in a creepy tone, exactly like on the phone. Now Sylvia was wondering how the person on the phone came to her house like out of nowhere. The person then grabbed her and tied her up and carried her outside through the rain. She was trying to scream and kick this stranger but she was tied up too tight that it was hard to suck in air. The person seemed to be running quick and fast that Sylvia was getting wet until they came to a car. She was thrown to the back seat and the person drove on to the road.

Sylvia saw that the person was actually a man. She expected him to look scary but he looked like the kind of guy who was made fun of because of his glasses. She wondered how this guy had a scary voice with such a face like that. Right now all she could do is think of some possibilities and why this man kidnapped her. The road seemed to go on for miles and miles so she lay down and fell asleep.

Sylvia woke up, still soaked up from the rain inside the car all by herself. She struggled to get up to look out in the window seeing that the car was going to fall over the cliff if she moved. She gasped and wished she had never slept when her parents left the mansion. She turned her head slowly and saw the man talking on his cell phone then turned to look at her. She snapped her down pretending she was still asleep. She was panicking and was hoping she would know how to get out of this situation. At that moment, she reached her fingers to open the window to hear his conversation.

 “If you don’t give me the 20 million dollars that I want I will make this car drop with your daughter inside over the cliff!” the man shouted.

Sylvia closed her eyes as the rain grew harder, shifting the weight of the car and dropping the car off the cliff…

But when she opened her eyes all she felt right now was the car bobbing up and down. She then heard sirens and saw the man handcuffed. The police untied her and so she went to look in the front to see the “cliff” only 2 to 3 feet. The man should be stupid to put me here as a threat for 20 million dollars thought Sylvia. But now all she cared about was to go to her parents and to go home.




The Economic Crisis!

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As you know, the economic crisis is getting worse and the prices of almost everything are getting high for example, food, housing, oil prices, and other things. Many people are losing their jobs and the banks are getting bankrupt such as the Lehman Brothers. It started because of the subprime lending, which banks lend people money who are not qualified for loan. The banks actually expected people to also give them money because of their greediness for more money but as it turned out, people didn’t pay, so that’s what caused some banks to go bankrupt. At first this subprime lending crisis was only the stock markets and banks that got affected but then it started to affect the whole world and it became an economic crisis which involved the whole world with many people and banks losing their money and jobs. This affected the world because other countries invested money to other banks in other countries such as the US and this caused banks to lose billions of money. Now the in the US, the congress and the senate are voting whether or the government will give money to the banks to help them. I just hope they won’t be greedy again when they are given the money or this might make the situation worse!




My Summer…(^_^)

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In Snow World!!

In Snow World!!


Well since I almost did NOTHING during the Eid Break, I’m going to talk about my summer break in the Philippines.

It had been almost 3 years since we haven’t gone to Philippines so we decided to go there during the summer break and not the winter break this year. When we arrived everything seemed to look the same and look different at the same time. My aunts, uncles and cousins changed and they told me I grew thinner (well the last time they saw me I was fat which was three years ago.). My family and I had to stay in our new house which my uncle and his family was living in for 3 years while we were gone and the house seemed to be in a bad shape. We had to sleep on this air bed and old bed with lots of spiders, cockroaches, and maybe rats. The first few days went by and my parents decided to buy furniture, new beds, a car, and a TV.

The days went like that for a few days and nothing interesting seemed to happen. Then a typhoon, typhoon Frank, hit Philippines, which was one of the worst typhoons that hit since it destroyed almost every province in the Philippines. Well it wasn’t that interesting since all you had to do was wait in the house with no electricity, watching rain and trees blowing outside, and listening to the radio for news.Well 1 or 2 typhoons passed by Philippines and went towards China or Japan and it wasn’t damaging any of our property.

My cousins and I would go to the movies, shop, or just walk around the neighborhood. Once we even went wall climbing and I actually reached the top. Yay! My dad then taught my mom to drive with the car we just bought. He also taught my sister and me to drive around this circle near our house and I actually drove home with the help of my dad. It was fun and scary at the same time with cows in the view, students walking to school, tricycles, and cars coming. When my dad went back to Saudi, my aunts and my cousins went to Star City, which was an amusement park in the Philippines and to Snow World because my cousin and my grandmother were going back to the US.

My dad was in Saudi and we couldn’t go anywhere since he was our driver. So one day my aunt decided to drive us to our other aunt’s house since it was her baby’s 6th month birthday. But then she wasn’t aware of the cars on both sides so she accidentally scraped the right side of the car but didn’t do any damage to the truck that she hit. But fortunately the car was just new and it had insurance so my parents didn’t have to pay much. It was pretty much boring after that staying in the house since my mom became very busy with her driving lessons which was almost everyday.

So the last weeks of our vacation in the Philippines weren’t that memorable but it was sad to go back to Saudi since it’s been a long time since we were there.


Letter from an Indentured Servant

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September 18, 1618

Dear family,


As you know I signed this contract to work as a farm laborer or an indentured servant for Mr. Lawrence’s plantations for 7 years.  When I arrived in Virginia I saw some indentured servants that seem to come from different countries or from Africa. The conditions here in Virginia are harsh. Many of the indentured servants that I have known since I have arrived here died because of sickness and they died before their term ended. Some of the indentured servants survived after their contract ended and they were able to get their freedom and claim land for themselves. Some African indentured servants even became rich farmers. I realized that some sold themselves as indentured servants just to survive when I asked them why they came here to work.

I hope to survive these harsh conditions and to finish my contract so I would be able to get more money than I had before and to get my freedom. Sometimes I feel so weak it’s hard to work especially in the scorching sun and the plantations stretch out in the vast fields that it never seems to end the work to do. But I’ve learn many things from this experience and I would never give up until I get through these hardships. I also think that coming here I think was a good idea not only because I can survive but also because I learn new things everyday while I am staying here.

It’s been hard to live like this for a while and I really miss you all. Even though we struggled with money and food I would want to go back there in England. I have eaten more food at home than when I came here and I was losing a lot of weight that my clothes I brought seem to be bigger. But I also received some benefits for example they given a house, tools, food, and some clothes. Anyways I’m going to write to you all soon, God bless you all and hope to see you soon!




Katherine Peterson



“If you could meet any famous person who is alive today, who would you pick and why?”

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If I would meet anyone famous who is alive today I would meet Lea Salonga. Lea Salonga was born in February 22, 1971 in Manila, Philippines. She started acting and singing in the age of 7 and was in many musical productions such as Annie, The Sound of Music, and other musical productions. Lea was also the singing voice of Mulan and Jasmine in Aladdin. Now she is one of the most famous actresses and singers in the Philippines and in the world. I would like to meet her because I would want to ask her how she started her career and if she did any voice lessons or drama classes. Well I don’t think I’ll be a singer like her but I would just want to ask her about her motivations which made her rich and successful and I would want to learn more interesting things about her. 

The Role of Religion in Massachusetts Bay Colony and Saudi Arabia

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The role of religion in Massachusetts Bay Colony and Saudi Arabia are similar and different. There are some similarities about the role of religion in Massachusetts Bay Colony and in Saudi Arabia. For example, immigrants from England migrated to the Massachusetts Bay Colony because of religion reasons and many people lost their jobs. Like Saudi Arabia, people moved here to get more jobs and to get a better raise on their salaries. The people in the colony also had to adjust to their new schedule that was different in England. Here is Saudi we also have to adjust to the schedule because of the prayer timings and also because the schedule in our home country was also different. Parents in the Massachusetts colony also chose their children’s marriage partners because the Puritans believed getting married involved transferring property from another family to another and like Muslims here, some people have arrange marriages.

There are also some differences about the role of religion in these places. The immigrants left England so they can pray freely and to build their own church in Massachusetts. But in Saudi Arabia there are no churches and it’s harder for Christians here to pray. Probably also that time, which is a long time ago, the women and men in the Massachusetts colony weren’t separated not like in Saudi women and men are separated. Also women in that colony have more freedom than the women here in Saudi Arabia because women in the bay colony. Teaching their children the Bible was important for the parents in the New England society while in Saudi schools and in our school students don’t even get to study the Bible because this is a Muslim country.